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About me:

My name is Jonas and I am xx years old and love online marketing. I check webmaster tools before I go to bed, and analytics when I wake up. I have an education in marketing, but found out that online marketing is where my passion is. I find it fascinating that you can measure and see traffic on the page.
I also have a passion for sports and have played: Tennis, Football, Badminton, Squash and my new interest is Mountainbike where I drive in Sweden.

What can I do for 

I have analyzed your page and I could for work on meta descriptions, finding keywords targeted towards search engines,  H1 headings with keywords, make sitemap and robot txt for the crawlers and fix the 24 broken links on the page.
I could make Youtube videos targeting the search engines or a webpage that drives traffic towards for example a site regarding container shipping rates.
I can work on finding the right keywords and rating you in Google on targeted keywords.

My experience: 
2012 -2013
Online marketing, social media marketing, Telemarketing, webpage design and maintaining the page.

Me and my business partner started bestil-kø where we designed and developed the page in WordPress. The page contains an online booking system, where the driving schools automatically get an email that contains the booking. I also made advertisements in Photoshop. 
2013 -present
Adwords, Facebook marketing, SEM, Search engine optimization

I started after ending the project I have been working on it for a month generating 350 organic visitors with 1455 page views. The page is made in WordPress and is a job listing site. I made the logo in indesign and advertisements in Photoshop.  
2013 -present
Onpage search engine optimization

Have been working on finding high rated keywords in Adwords and making title tag and meta description. The page is made in Umbraco and is a new page for Bowlnfun, which is 13 bowling centres with restaurants. I analyzed which keywords where being used in the targeted towns, and targeted the title tags towards it.

Great Experience in:

  • Photoshop, indesign, office
  • Crm: WordPress, Umbraco
  • Newsletter campaigns: Made a campaign in a trainee period for using mailchimp – a campaign towards kinder gardens regarding interior decoration with social inclusion.
  • Knowing what people are searching for and targeting WebPages towards it.
  • Writing texts towards search engines and social sites. Had a online newspaper: – is a newspaper where the users write the articles.


  • Bachelor in international marketing, Odense.
  • Grade average of 7 (Danish scale)

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